Sunday Worship: 10:30am   location ▼

Sunday Worship: 10:30am   location▼

Tips for Visitors

EntranceGoing to a new church sometimes feels a little uncomfortable when we don't know very much about it. Covenant Presbyterian Church members enjoy meeting new people and also understand that some people are more private at first meeting than others. These tips are just some  guidance to help ease any uncertainty for our visitors.

Sunday Morning Worship Service and Fellowship

Upon arriving you will be greeted and given a bulletin to help you follow the order of service. In the bulletin you will find a silent prayer that you may read once you've found a seat. This prayer has been chosen to help set the tone of the service and will help to steady our hearts and minds as we prepare to worship together.

During the service you will be given to invitation to come and have fellowship and refreshments after the service in Esty Hall. We meet for tea and coffee and light refreshments after every Sunday service. We encourage visitors to come and share with us.

Every 3rd Sunday is a potluck, where members of the church bring plenty for all to share. Visitors are encouraged to come enjoy our hospitality and warm reception; this is the place where you can really get to know the people behind the church.


Covenant tends to be a little more traditional for the Sunday morning service, however we care more about you being there, than how you dressed to be there! So you may see someone in a coat and tie next to a homeless person who's wearing the only clothes he has. Most worshipers at Covenant observe the Arizona-casual rule, and anyone wearing something reasonably modest and comfortable will blend right in. Above all, don't let what you happen to be wearing prevent you from worshiping with us! What we really want you to remember about your first time experience here is the power of God’s Word being preached in simple, direct and truthful words that you can relate to - not what people were wearing. So come ready to worship and hear God speak to your heart, while you’re wearing what’s comfortable for you.

Friendship Register

There will be a small bound booklet passed down the pew that everyone signs. Please let us know that you visited our church by signing it too. Your information is kept strictly confidential. However, don't feel you must complete it. As with dress, we want you to come and be blessed, and be a blessing to others.

Offering Plate and Tithing

There is an offering taken every Sunday morning service. Our members give as a demonstration of honoring God, wanting to give back to His work in a spirit of joy and gratitude for all He has done for us. We ask that as a visitor you feel free simply to pass the plate on to the next person; we would be glad for the worship service and teaching to be our church's gift to you.


Covenant celebrates Holy Communion the first Sunday of each month. Often we refer to this sacrament as The Lord’s Table, and when we speak that way we emphasize that the Table belongs to the Lord Jesus, not to our church. Jesus invites his followers to eat and drink and experience his gracious presence in a special way. He sets down the guidelines. We happily invite you to partake of the bread and cup with us, if (a) you have made a public profession of your Christian faith, and (b) you are a member in good standing of an evangelical (gospel preaching) church. If you wish to know more of what we believe about Communion, please see our Statement of Faith page.

We serve both wine and grape juice during our Communion. The non-alcoholic juice is in the clear cups, while the wine is in the tinted cups.

Family Room

We believe in worshiping as a family at Covenant Presbyterian, so we want to support our families with younger children. We have prepared a family room in the back of the sanctuary behind the sound booth. There you will find a changing table and comfortable chairs for nursing moms and family members who may wish to seek out some quiet. This doesn't mean that we don't want you, or your children, in church, however; you are invited to stay during the service, but we understand that sometimes parents just want to have some privacy whilst still remaining part of the congregation. 

This is a heartfelt message to grandparents: There are countless testimonials from adults who tell about how it was their Granny or their Grandpa that led them to Christ, through all the prayers and appeals during their youth, despite other troubles of the world. At Covenant we embrace the legacy of salvation that we hope to bestow on our grandchildren and their grandchildren; it is the greatest legacy you can give. Here, you will find praying partners and folks just doting on the young tender children that come with you. If you are struggling with a family concern there is someone here who understands, and who will stand with you.

Allergy Sensitivities

Some of our folks are very allergic to fragrances and have respiratory issues. Please help us to keep the use of perfumes and colognes to a minimum.

Looking for a loving family? Come join ours!

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